jeudi 10 octobre 2019

Music : Lizzo - Cuz I love you

I'm crying 'cause I love you, oh
(Ya ya ya, ya ya, ya ya)
Never been in love before
What the fuck are fucking feelings yo?
Once upon a time, I was a ho
I don't even wanna ho no mo'
Got you something from the liquor store
Little bit of Lizzo and some Mo
Tryna open up a little more
Sorry if my heart a little slow

I thought that I didn't care
I thought I was love-impaired
But baby, baby
I don't know what I'm gonna do

I'm crying 'cause I love you, oh
Yes, you
(Ya ya, ya ya)

Got me standing in the rain
Gotta get my hair pressed again
I would do it for you all, my friend
Ready baby? Will you be my man?
Wanna put you on a plane
Fly you out to wherever I am
Catch you on the low, I was ashamed
Now I'm crazy, about to 'tatch your name

I thought that I didn't care
I thought…

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