Music : Donny Hathaway - Little Ghetto Boy

Little ghetto boy, playing in the ghetto street
Whatcha' gonna do when you grow up
And have to face responsibility?
Will you spend your days and nights in the pool room?
Will you sell caps of madness to the neighborhood?
Little ghetto boy
You already know how proud life can be
'cause you've seen so much pain and misery

Little ghetto boy
Your daddy was blown away
He robbed that grocery store
Don't you know that was a sad, sad old day?
All your young life
You've seen such misery and pain
The world is a cruel place to live
And it ain't gonna change
You're so young
You've got so far to go on
And don't think you'll reach your goal
Young man, little ghetto boy, look at you

Little ghetto boy
When, when, when you become a men
You can make things change if you just take the stand
You gotta believe it yourself in all you do
You've gotta fight to make it better
Then you will see how others will start believing to
Then, my son, things will start to get better

Everything has got to get better,
Everything has got to get better