Music : The Offspring - Million Miles Away

There was a time, looking through myself 
Wanting to pretend 
If I escaped, I could fill myself 
I don't think you can 
Been far and wide 
But that hole inside 
Never really leaves 
When I went away, what I really left 
Left behind was me   

It's telling me 
To be on my way home 
Million miles away 
I can't stay   

Each passing day, every passing face 
Seems like such a blur
I long to be 
Home, silently 
Lying next to her 
Just to get back, by her side is all 
All I need to be 
Cause I went away 
But what I really left
Left behind was me   

I need to be  
Getting on my way home 
A million miles away 
Million miles away I can't take