Music : Battant - Radio Rod

Up to the fire escape
it's gonna rain downtown, gonna take you back to '88
i dunno who you pretend to be
that neon plastic coat of yours
ain't nothing to appropriate
hold tight, my liar, my hand
let's lick the radio rod
gat a taster of your favorite band
we interrupt two transmissions
see, chewing up the airwaves
cause we haven't had our evening tea

and i want to see me upside down
looking up at all the static sounds
clapping around, if this ain't the right sky then
i dunno, i dunno, i don't wanna try

skip to the very next track
are we the same, dunno ?
up above the city still intact
this skyline's cut out from magazines
could step across the buildings
stomp our feet and make the traffic scream
today sees lightning below
and all the people down fire there
deafening the speakers, miss the show
i dunno why no one else is here
a hundred twenty feet above
conversing with a storm so near

rain hits the radio waves, so it can drown back down
slappering the chatter in our face
we're lying eyes closed, hand's cupped to ears
our heads are filled with all the voices
transmitted through all the years
this is the very last sound to filter through
oh no, cause the wurlitzer's about to ground
this little thread that we're clinging to ...
won't keep the rooftop hardware down
won't keep them decades smashing through

Battant - Radio Rod